Flora 15G

Flora 15G

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Contains Nitrobenzene    20 %
De-activating agent        4%
Encapsulating agent        4 %
Inert ingredient        72 %
Total                100 %
Benefits of Flora – 15 G
Uniform and profuse flowering.
Increase in flowering rate and improvement in the yield of flowers up to 20-40%.
Prevent flower shedding. It enhance early flowering. Plants take less time to flower.
Yield contributing characters like plant height increase is 8-10%.Number of branches per plant increase by 15-20%.Number of flowers per cluster increase by 33-35%. 20-30% increase in number of fruits per plant were recorded.
Fruit weight increase is 20-25 %. Bigger fruits are produced. Total yield increase is 35-50%.
Quality characters like TSS (Total soluble solutes), increase by 6-7% & acidity by 10-12%, Ascorbic acid 7-10% and total sugar % were 5-7.5% more was recorded
Dosage: Apply 2-3 Kg Flora-20g /acre alongwith chemical fertilizers or organic manure or can be mixed with soil/silica.