FLOURISH Ammonium Molybdate

FLOURISH Ammonium Molybdate

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FLOURISH Ammonium Molybdate

Olybdenum is involved in symbiotic N-fixation and protein synthesis in crops.

Deficiency symptoms:

 Marginal scorching and rolling or cupping of leaves are indicative of Mo deficiency.

 Acid and coarse textured soils with low organic matter content are usually deficient in molybdenum.

Ammonium Molybdate; contains 52 % Mo.

 Sodium Molybdate; contains 39 % Mo.

Dose and application method:

Apply 2-4 kg/ha sodium molybdate or 2-3 kg of ammonium molybdate at the time of planting or treat seed with 10-20 g sodium molybdate per 25 kg of seed.

Alternatively, 0.1- 0.3 % ammonium molybdate solution may be foliar sprayed

2-3 times at 10 days interva