FLOURISH Mn SO4 (Mangenese Sulphate)

FLOURISH Mn SO4 (Mangenese Sulphate)

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FLOURISH Mn SO4 (Mangenese Sulphate)

It is important for normal functioning of many enzymes, nitrogen metabolism

and carbon dioxide assimilation.

Manganese sulphate; contains 30.5 % Mn.

Deficiency symptoms:

Rice: Chlorotic patches between veins are first noticed on younger leaves.

Wheat: Leaves show interveinal chlorosis with grayish yellow to pinkish brown

specks of variable size confined largely to lower portion. At later stage, specks

coalesce forming streaks or bands in-between the veins which remain green.

Acute deficiency may lead to drying of whole plant.

Pulses: Interveinal chlorosis and mottling in young leaves is noticed. Brown

lesions in cotyledons are commonly noticed.

Foliar spray of 0.5 % manganese sulphate solution at tillering in rice and crown

root initiation in wheat is recommended.