FLOURISH Zn SO4 ( Zinc Sulphate)

FLOURISH Zn SO4 ( Zinc Sulphate)

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FLOURISH ZnSo4 ( Zinc sulphate heptahydrate )


Chemical Formula : Zn SO4.7H2O



White Crystal

Zn Content

21% Min

pH of 10% Solution

Not Less than 4.0

Water Insoluble

0.1% Max

Fe Content

20 PPM Max

Mg Content

0.5% Max

Clarity of 40% Solution

It Should be Clear

  • Formula: ZnSO4

  • Molar mass: 161.47 g/mol

  • Density: 3.54 g/cm³

  • Boiling point: 740°C

  • Classification: Sulfates

Zn SO4.7H2O

Physical Appearance White Crystal soluble in water, slightly soluble in alco

Purity 98%

Zn  Content 21% +/- 0.5%

Sulphur 10.5%

Arsenic, AS 1 ppm

Mercury, Hg 1 ppm

Lead, Pb 1 ppm

Cadmium, Cd 1 ppm

Dose and Application method:

Zinc sulphate heptahydrate (Zn-21%) is recommended for soil application at the

rate prescribed by the State Agricultural Universities/Soil Testing Laboratories.

The dose varies across the states from 25 to 60 kg/ha depending on soil type,

cropping intensity and crop productivity levels, to be applied once in two years

Use of 10 kg/ha zinc sulphate every year has also been recommended in some States.

It should not be mixed or applied with phosphate fertilizers, as water soluble zinc is transformed to relatively insoluble zinc phosphate.

Drilling, band placement or broadcasting of zinc sulphate are popular application methods. However band placement is most effective.

Basal (soil) application is always preferred. However, in the absence of basal

application, foliar spray of 0.5 % solution of zinc sulphate heptahydrate 15 days

after transplanting of rice and 30 days after planting of wheat should be practiced. The foliar application should be repeated after 15 days. One kg zinc sulphate plus 0.5 kg unslaked lime dissolved in 200 l water will give 0.5 % zinc sulphate solution. About 500 l of solution will be adequate for one foliar spray of hectare cropped area.