Great (Gr8)

Great (Gr8)

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Gr8 is based on Alkaloids (plant origin) Alkaloids in Gr8 are Lantanolic acid, Lantic acid & Adhatodine.

Alkaloids are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds which mostly contain basic nitrogen atoms.

Alkaloids have been used traditionally for pest control. A variant of this formula has been studied at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

Based on the inputs, Gr8 is not toxic to human beings or other animals.

Gr8 contains no components of a hazardous nature.

Mode of action:

Physiologically active alkaloids block the metabolic functions of pathogens. The surface-active agents help the spray spread evenly, activate the functions of alkaloids and help the spray remain active for longer time. It acts as protective as well as curative.

Gr8 is an alkaloid acts as an anti-fungal agent that controls diseases like Downy mildew, Leaf curl, late blight and early blight.

Gr8 acts as protective as well as curative. Applications should be repeated regularly to replace the formulation that has been washed or braded away and to protect foliage produced since last application.

Dose: 2 ml per liter of water depending on the infestation rate.