Life Line

Life Line

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Life line is a naturally occurring hydrophilic colloidal polysaccharide obtained from the various species of brown seaweed. It contains seaweed and protein hydrolysate based bio stimulant.
Rooting and root development is greatly enhanced.
LIFE LINE encourages greater levels of beneficial soil bacteria. These bacteria help with nutrient availability and have also been shown to help natural suppression of certain soil borne pathogens such as Rhizoctonia and Pythium sp.
Chlorophyll levels are greatly enhanced, by as much as 30% to 50%. This helps improve the plants overall health and colour and helps improve photosynthetic capacity, so that the plant can put more energy into yield or flower production
LIFE LINE helps boost the plants natural health mechanism, so that it is better able to withstand pest and disease attack, LIFE LINE  seems to work in synergy with some chemicals, helping the plant to recover more rapidly.  
Dosage: 1 ml Life line per ltr of water for foliar spray